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Not Stolen from joe

1.) You are..
2.) You know me from...
3.) You've known me how long?
4.) Your most favorite thing about me is...
5.) The thing you hate most about me is...
6.) If you could tell me one thing you would say...
7.) Have you ever lied to me?
8.) Have you ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
9.) What was that something?
10.) Would you ever date me?
11.) Kiss me?
12.) Do more with me?
13.) Get drunk with me?
14.) Have you ever missed me?
15.) Loved me?
16.) Have you ever seen me cry?
17.) Have I ever made you cry?
18.) Have you ever been scared or worried for me?
19.) Do you trust me?
20.) The best nickname for me would be?
21.) Three words that describe me are...
22.) If me and you could have one perfect day together it
would be.


well im in school right now and i had nothing to update so i stole this from joe and stuff..well im hanging out with jeanette today so thats amazing and then im going up to meet steve and joe at fleet bank and theere probally sleeping over
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