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umm hey..

well today has been pretty sucky actually some guy came here to fix the computer in my room and stuff and he did so i dont have to be downstaits anymore and i can be locked up in my room away from anyone else..well then for some of the day o hung out with JUlIA and stuff and watched the brothers...well my mom asked me to clean something and i did and i didnt do a very good job and she spazzed on me and stuff and starting saying all this stuff..then i yelled at her and she said that i was a worhtless kid oh well fuck her shes the one thats worhtless i didnt even do anything is not my fucking fault im not good at anything so i dont know why she has to come out bitching at me when all i did is not clean something good..

oh and yea i didnt go to school cause i didnt feel like it and i was kinda not feeling well i had some headche since like second period yesterday in school and maybe thats why i didnt go to school and since my mom dosnet do anythign about my head cause i been having headaches my sister made an apoiment for me and i might have to get a cat scam or something wich sucks..

well later on today when the little kids get home..i think im hanging out with jeanette swan and somekid that lives near me and im probally gonna get :-! :-!
:-! today cause gabbys the man and he gave me some free weed...

yea and lifes been pretty much sucky..

well ill like write in here later or something..
peace dizzles..
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