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[09 May 2009|12:57pm]
Dear Thiago,
You are really _____. You should _____. We need to go _____. After that we can _____. Remember that time we _____? That was real _____. Maybe tomorrow we can _____. You are my _____. i _____ you!
Love, _______
P.S. _____.

eh i stole this from Mr. Bison im cool now..
11 punches in the face| you know your bleeding

OH no [09 May 2009|12:04pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

oh man well the weekend has being fucking great cause i havent been sitting in all day and stuff..well yesterday i hung out with josh and chris at the skatepark and then crystal and andrea where there ans that was cool cause like i dont know it just was..and then stevie j showed up and i dont know then we went to joshes and just hung out there then we went to some girls partay and it was good i guess call it whatever you want and Phill Cann the man was there.. well i guess thats it..

and oh yeah schools almost over and i dont have to go back cause after like 4 years in that fucking suck ass school im finally out forever..and i dont have to see any of those pouding ass kids again well the cool people with exceptions cause they were cool so that will suck i guess..

( did that even make sense)

well like i been kinda confused lately and i need to time to think and stuff and get shit straight cause its been pretty suck ass..



EH EH..the fucking rule..

3 punches in the face| you know your bleeding

FMT [03 May 2009|04:04pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

well umm this weekend fucking sucked tits i did nothing..on friday i think i skated or something and on saturday i skated with steve at the park and stuff then i went to his house and Phill and Shawn picked us up and we were gonna go to the beach but i dont know what happend and then we were gonna go to wocester with Justin but i guess we didnt then we went back to the parking lot behind the raqet ball club and i guess just hung out there and stuff then we went back to steves and he go yelled at and stuff..the on sunday i just stayed home all day causse i didnt feel good..

and my mom is a freak and she was wicked pissed cause i slept at steves with out her knowing and she like was crying but shes been being a bitch lately and i havent even been doing anything..(what did i do to diserve)

and then today i went to school and it sucked tits like usuallly i got in trouble and that sucked cause now i cant hang out with jeanette but its only for one day..

well im gonna go cause im kinda tired..
ill write in here later..

later dudes..

6 punches in the face| you know your bleeding

Not Stolen from joe [30 Apr 2009|11:47am]
[ mood | dead ]

1.) You are..
2.) You know me from...
3.) You've known me how long?
4.) Your most favorite thing about me is...
5.) The thing you hate most about me is...
6.) If you could tell me one thing you would say...
7.) Have you ever lied to me?
8.) Have you ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
9.) What was that something?
10.) Would you ever date me?
11.) Kiss me?
12.) Do more with me?
13.) Get drunk with me?
14.) Have you ever missed me?
15.) Loved me?
16.) Have you ever seen me cry?
17.) Have I ever made you cry?
18.) Have you ever been scared or worried for me?
19.) Do you trust me?
20.) The best nickname for me would be?
21.) Three words that describe me are...
22.) If me and you could have one perfect day together it
would be.


well im in school right now and i had nothing to update so i stole this from joe and stuff..well im hanging out with jeanette today so thats amazing and then im going up to meet steve and joe at fleet bank and theere probally sleeping over

16 punches in the face| you know your bleeding

[25 Apr 2009|07:54pm]
[ mood | confused ]


well we go back to school tomorrow and it fucking sucks major nuts..and i have to say that vacation was ok..i though it would be better and stuff..well last night we didnt get to go to the party because rich ditched dan me and joe and stuff so that sucked so i guess we just chilled here and then jeanette came over and stuff and she cleaned my room cause she coolest person ever and stuff..then dan left but came back and he had to sleep in my basement..then we just like hung out heere and it sucked ass..well i dont wanna go back to school tomorrow because school sucks and its been pretty sucky for the past like 2 monhts like nothing has come together correct but hopefully buy the time summer gets here things will be much better i hope..well im gonna go ill write in the mommy later..


9 punches in the face| you know your bleeding

[24 Apr 2009|08:08pm]
umm howdy..
umm froto is over and we jusy hung out here all day and did nothing pretty much then we went to get cassie and krystal and we were gonna get beer but something happend and stuff..so i guess me and froto are going to some party at UCONN wich is gonna be fucking gnarly and stuff..well im gonna go..

peace niggas..
5 punches in the face| you know your bleeding

Howdy Nigga [24 Apr 2009|10:57am]
[ mood | crazy ]

umm i havent update in so long its been like so long well i been to lazy..well vacation is going ok i tough it woould be better but im satisfied with it..i been like hanging out with phill and shawn and stuff and i got a new deck so i been going sakting like yestrerday was my only day that i didnt go skating i just like fucking chillaxed and stuff..and it was suckass..cause i didnt wanna go skate with steve..cause i had a headache and stuff..well i think im hanging out with joe today or later on tonight cause i think hes slumbering over and i think krystals gonna comeover to but im not sure yet..well ill write in here later..

you better comment..??

| you know your bleeding

[20 Apr 2009|11:25am]
[ mood | crazy ]

umm i havent updated in like a week im been to lazy and stuff..well i would have to say vacation is by far going excellent forgeting that i dont have a board and my mom dosent want to take me to lowell cause shes not cool..well the other day i went to this crazy thing in worcester with shawn and phill it was wicked gnarly...then yesterday i just got money for a deck but comcrete wave was closeed so i didnt get to ger a deck but i think im going to get one today so its all cool..and i think im hanging out with joe today..and im hanging out with jeanette tomorrow once she comes back from lawrence :-P :-P well im gonna go so i suppose il write in this bad dad again sometime time

21 punches in the face| you know your bleeding

AHHHH [15 Apr 2009|01:44pm]
[ mood | angry ]

umm hey..

well today has been pretty sucky actually some guy came here to fix the computer in my room and stuff and he did so i dont have to be downstaits anymore and i can be locked up in my room away from anyone else..well then for some of the day o hung out with JUlIA and stuff and watched the brothers...well my mom asked me to clean something and i did and i didnt do a very good job and she spazzed on me and stuff and starting saying all this stuff..then i yelled at her and she said that i was a worhtless kid oh well fuck her shes the one thats worhtless i didnt even do anything is not my fucking fault im not good at anything so i dont know why she has to come out bitching at me when all i did is not clean something good..

oh and yea i didnt go to school cause i didnt feel like it and i was kinda not feeling well i had some headche since like second period yesterday in school and maybe thats why i didnt go to school and since my mom dosnet do anythign about my head cause i been having headaches my sister made an apoiment for me and i might have to get a cat scam or something wich sucks..

well later on today when the little kids get home..i think im hanging out with jeanette swan and somekid that lives near me and im probally gonna get :-! :-!
:-! today cause gabbys the man and he gave me some free weed...

yea and lifes been pretty much sucky..

well ill like write in here later or something..
peace dizzles..

2 punches in the face| you know your bleeding

[13 May 2004|08:54pm]
| you know your bleeding

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